Annual fishing trip 7-17 - 8-1

Hello all, will be heading to the lake on the 17th of July and planning lots of fishing while I'm there . Will be staying at Wahweap but wanting to head north to rock creek and dangling rope area as i have never made it that far. Did not know if that is possible without driving and come down from the north. Hopefully will get to meet Wayne as he has lots of information on lake Powell as well as very good fisherman. Want to do some night fishing for some FAT catfish, stripers . So if any of you wordlings could chime in it would be greatly helpful. thank you.
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Don't understand what you are asking. You say you are staying at Wahweap then ask if it is possible to come down from the north without driving to get to Rock Creek. No comprendhe. Obviously you can get to DR and RC from Wahweap in a boat.