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Advice for this weekend

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Zach Smith

New Member
Headed down to Bullfrog Thursday evening to fish and haven't fished North in several years. We have always fished GHB in years past this time of year for LM and SM. Where would the best fishing be North with the current mudline? We don't quite have the time to go to the San Juan this trip. Thanks for any help.


I camped in ticaboo last weekend, mudline was very close to blue notch and castle butte, and is probably close to ticaboo or floating restroom by now. might be worth a run up that way but I wouldn't plan on camping and spending a lot of time that way if it were me. I think your time would be better spent in the canyons close to bullfrog like, lake, iceberg, moqui, ect.... just my two cents. good luck!
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