A YouTube Treasure find - Grab a beer and a tin of peanuts

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YouTube Treasure - Grab a beer and a tin of peanuts

Check it out - an awesome 90 minutes trip floating down the Grand Canyon.

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The Ultimate Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

by park junkie
A group of us ran the Grand Canyon in 1972, using a legacy permit that was held by one of our friends from Utah who had been doing it for decades. Nothing commercial, just a group of friends on two big baloney boats, sharing the costs. Lake Powell was still relatively new at that time, and was in the process of slowly filling, and our old time guides were still in the process of adapting to the daily fluctuations in river level created by variable hydropower production during the course of each day. Anticipating the daily highs and lows got more complicated the further down river we went, and we finally guessed wrong. We were camped at The Ledges (downstream of Kanab Creek, at 47:41 on the video) and the river level took a big unexpected drop in the middle of the night, causing our large rafts to partially strand at a steep angle on the sharp-edged limestone layers that step down to the river there, nearly cutting the mooring line on one. It was complete chaos as we sorted all this out in the darkness at 2:00 AM and finally safely got the rafts into a lower and more secure position. There were some choice (and not complimentary) words being said about the new dam by those used to the river the way it had behaved before. I have not been back since, but I this video shows that it is still just as beautiful.
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