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Finally back from our 2nd trip in as many months, Fall is our Spring at Powell 😍 Thanks for the compliments, we love and use the heck out of our 1980 resto-Kayot.

1) does it have a propane furnace? (Not common back then)
- Yes indeed, a catalytic propane radiant wall heater. Keeps things nice and toasty in winter.

2) How many feet long is the boat and what do you tow it with?
- It’s 36’ long. Tow it with a 2006 Ram 3500 4x4 Dually. In 4 wheel low it’s a piece of cake

3) How wide is your boat?
- It’s 12’ wide. Oversize Load, however no escort required. Boatels started at 14’ wide so we went with the Kayot.

Page is our 2nd home, the boat was restored in Parker, AZ and hauled through Flagstaff in 2016 to its new home in Page.

The Yachtzee restoration project:

More about the trailer:
Thanks for your detailed response, 12 wide rocks for towing! Nice set up, cool to be in HB Magazine. Even better to get out the lake so much.
My first houseboat was a an old steel boat too, a 1987 Boatel 14x50 Resto-Mod. I took the whole thing to bare metal and redid everything. It ended up being an awesome boat! Never should have sold it, it was so cool! But it wasn't trailerable. I love old boats, I've been called a drinker with a boating problem! 5FAACD5E-091C-49D5-9028-EB2170EA0088.jpeg4CBC9C31-703B-4D36-AEDC-E9281E3825D5.jpegF3416546-1FC7-42D8-85E0-3FC9EFB10852.jpeg1B170BCC-8DB9-4F4C-B29A-2C4C80DEAE93.jpegD76CEC9E-5BAF-435A-BF49-2A62EB92E256.jpeg
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Thanks, Amazon I believe, It's manual not electric. (Less to break down) I put a 42 inch LCD TV on it even though it was only rated for a 32, the weight of TV's had dropped dramatically at the time so... it worked out well. I also bought a sound bar bracket that connected to the TV bracket. I had a Klipsch sound bar with a wireless sub, I had a Blue Ray player back then as my only source. It was awesome, we could really get our movies on! It was also a great use of empty space. It stowed away against the ceiling and had an internal catch that was sturdy but I also had a bungie as a lanyard across the sound bar to make sure it stayed in place against the ceiling while underway. These are the best photos I could find quickly, they are from the installation. 86C06793-FD5C-4244-B320-89B389BDEE32.jpeg

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