A Happy/Healthy Thanksgiving to you all....


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Hi All,

Wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

A special thanks to Wayne, Bart, Powell Bride and all the mods and 'behind the scenes' folks who make this great site possible.

We all share a special love for our lake.....and WW is by far the best site to discuss rationally the many issues surrounding our lake and it's future.

We might not all agree, but we do it in a calm, thoughtful, mature manor.....(most of the time).... :cool:

It's because of WW we've all met and benefited from everyone's experience, education, opinions, research and so much more.

So, I'm personally thankful to WW and to you all for all your input and participation.

Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving.

Just another turkey,

wayne gustaveson

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I am amazed at how long this website has been growing and how many active members are still here. Thank you for your insight and appreciation for the beauty and amazement Lake Powell has brought to so many over the past 45 years and for all that tell their Lake Powell secrets right here so that all can know what a great lake and fishery we have. I hope to see it come back even higher and stronger in the coming yeras.


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I'm thankful I can still stay tuned into the lake, sans my own boat, via WW and all the fine folks who share their experiences. I missed a Powell cruise this year for the first time in decades, scheduling conflicts with my active Powell crew. It's a special place with special people who understand and value an experience like no other. Thank you all.