8/29-8/30 family trip at Bullfrog


Probably the best fishing I’ve been into possibly ever in LP. We went down for a family trip this weekend. We stayed at one of the trailers in Ticaboo because of the heat at night this time of year. We arrived late Friday and I grabbed a couple of the boys and headed to the docks at BF first. Dropped a green light and quickly grabbed three stripers and a catfish. The little boys said that was enough and to bed we went.
The next morning I couldn’t talk anyone into getting up early to go fishing so opted to take a wave runner as it’s easy to fish from by myself, so I tied on a cooler and two poles and was at the ramp waiting for enough light to go find some stripers.
I launched and went out around the houseboats and further into Bullfrog bay to an area I usually get into the fish but on the wave runner I wouldn’t have a graph so I would need to find a good boil to make it exciting. I stopped and made a couple casts when I started hearing the splashes I was hoping to hear. I still couldn’t see them but headed in the direction of the sound. When I found them they were spread across about 200 yards and ready to go. I was throwing a Kastmaster and it was workperfectly. This lasted for two hours for fish from 1lb to 5lbs. After about 15 fish I decided to try and jig a few bigger fish up but wasn’t having much luck so I tried to speed reel to the surface and caught one immediately. I continued dropping and speed reeling to catching much bigger fish until the sun started beating down and the fish just seemed to turn off.
At the fish cleaning station by 8:30 with 29 stripers. Probably one of the best mornings I’ve had on FAT fish. On a stomach check on a few I found up to six Shad in them and a couple were throwing them up in when they came aboard.
Saturday night was a bust with wind.
Sunday was a repeat of Saturday morning and I still couldn’t talk anyone into waking up. The fish were of a much better quality size from jigging the majority of them. After two mornings and 50-60 my Kastmasters were in rough shape. I had two that were down to two hooks and every couple fish I was bending hooks that had been straightened out. Also had both swivels break on me so I went straight to the Kastmaster.
Thanks to the couple boats that showed up and let me jig a couple from the schools they graphed up.
Good luck!!!



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Awesome report! Heading there in two weeks and is great to hear I don’t have to travel to GH to run into a boil. I hope they’ll still be there next week 😕


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Lineman22 -- I was in the green/white Crestliner fishing with/next to you -- Without a doubt the very best striper fishing I've had in Bullfrog bay (near the dome rock) since I've been coming to LP (30 years) -- As you said Saturday and Sunday were awesome - Monday was slow - - but this morning(09/01) was another epic morning (it was windy but the Stripers were splashing all around -- What is even better is the fact that I was less than 1/2 mile from the houseboat buoy ! I was on the water at 6:30 AM and by 8:30 or so -- the light switch was turned off


Thanks for helping to keep me on those fish! Today I rigged up a fish finder on that wave runner and am really ready to go. Planning a morning trip Monday. When I fillet those stripers I checked what they had been eating and the fish I caught last had up to 6 Shad in them. Must be getting filled up by about 8:30.


Ran down this morning for a quick trip. The lake calm but water temp was 79 and the fish didn’t stay up long. Scattered splashes or mini boils but nothing of a solid long lasting boil. Caught 11 in the first hour and then they were gone. Hoping the water cools down soon. Huge Shad schools everywhere we looked.