4/28 and 4/29

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Keeper of San Juan Secrets
We made a run from Bullfrog down to Rainbow Bridge, Dangling Rope, back to Escalante and CID.

Fun trip but long.

Ran into a lot of trash, and then about a mile later saw this boat. Looked to be about a 17’ sterndrive. There was a whale nearby, but not sure if that was the cause. Weather was pretty decent.

I reported it to a dock employee at Dangling Rope, didn’t see NPS while we were there.

Always interested in hearing the story if there is one to be told.

Couple more that were too big to upload directly to the site.

Great photos. At times I wish I had a good camera for Powell.
If I remember correctly on Friday the 27th the rangers went out to a sinking boat just north of dangling rope around 6pm. I'm not sure if this is related to what you saw since I could only hear NPS's side of the conversation.
Fantastic pictures! Thanks for all the fabulous info. Always great to see good pics as I ready myself for the upcoming season!
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