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3 Trillion


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The water database says there are just over 3 trillion gallons of water in the lake.
Let's allow for under calculating because the silt build-up on the bottom of the lake, especially at upper end, may well be underestimated.
So let's give the lake volume as 2.5 trillion gallons.

It occurred to me that for us Lake Powell folks, here might be a great way to visualize the annual government tax shortfall.
Not to bring up politics, but since the government will collect taxes of about 3 trillion this year, and with bailouts will spend about 5.5 trillion, the shortfall is 2.5 trillion.
Thinking of that astronomic figure in terms of Lake Powell gallons may help to wrap our arms (a little bit) around the enormity of the size.
Basically we fund our spending deficits by running the government printing presses 24 hours a day to create money out of thin air.

I wish there was a way to "print" our way back to 3700 full pool in Lake Powell!
If the lake is 38% full by volume right now, we need to "print" another 6 or 7 trillion gallons.
Come on Mother Nature! Bail us out!

BTW: Any sighting of Fort Moqui poking its head out of the water at the head of White Canyon, or is it silted over?
BTW2: Any sighting of the large sand dune to the right of the pour off in Cathedral?
At 3573, we must be getting close to seeing both of these.
I know the floor of Cathedral is exposed about 3555-3560.


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At least it's heading in the right direction. Here in Oregon, the latest winter storm that rolled through last week and weekend helped the snowpack in the Cascades tremendously, but it's still a long ways till summer.