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  1. BartsPlace

    WW flag etiquette

  2. BartsPlace

    Tips and gear for 1st trip

    I can't speak for "most people" but yes, that is what I do. The only movement of the boat comes from wind. There is no current to speak of.
  3. BartsPlace

    Tips and gear for 1st trip

    Your rental should come with an anchor. As far as anchoring goes at Lake Powell, most anchoring is done to the shoreline. I personally carry a stake for that purpose (or tie to a tree or big rock). The lake bottom can be a very long way down. It will typically be similar to what is above the...
  4. BartsPlace

    Returning Rapids Project Presentation 2/18/2021 with Mike DeHoff

    "You play the hand you're dealt," my dad would always say. There may have been better (or worse) cards left in the deck. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my Lake Powell hand.
  5. BartsPlace

    New Situation, Portable Toilet Question

    Well, that specific brand was recommended to me by rangers in Zion NP for a multi-day trek through Kolob Canyon. Yes, many brands now. Yes, the government generally doesn't care as long as the product meets their standard. The Waste Alleviation and Gelling (WAG) bag was developed by the...
  6. BartsPlace

    New Situation, Portable Toilet Question

    The treated waste (in the engineered bag systems) can be placed in them according to the GCNRA/NPS Superintendent's Compendium. I believe the signs about human waste are directed to those who may be using ordinary plastic bags or other means to carry untreated human waste. Hope that helps...
  7. BartsPlace

    New Situation, Portable Toilet Question

    Wag bags are approved. They come with a bag within a bag (for extra protection), poo powder, toilet paper, hand wipes included. They are good for a few uses each. They do have a plastic portable toilet available also - but we usually just give one to each of the guys and let them work out the...
  8. BartsPlace

    USBR - Updated Lake Level Forecast January 2021

    Happy to see some green blobs showing up on the Upper Colorado snow pack map! https://www.usbr.gov/uc/water/hydrodata/status_maps/
  9. BartsPlace

    My Dad

    Condolences, Ed. It's a blessing to have a great father. I lost mine a month ago today. Just watched his "adopted" grandson (actually a neighborhood 13-year old kid that took a liking to him) catch his first striper today off the back of the houseboat and so wish I could text Dad to tell him...
  10. BartsPlace

    Bullfrog ramps pics

    So, to the right (west) of that temporary dock is the primitive ramp they used last time the water was this low. Here is a sequence panning to that location. I can't tell for sure if that's the plan this year, but there appears to have been a lot of grading in the last photo (the site of the...
  11. BartsPlace

    Bullfrog Exec. ramp and slip rental for fishing boat

    Luckily, if you're talking about the "on" season, there are usually shuttles running (though somewhat sporadically).
  12. BartsPlace

    Presidents Day Weekend at the Lake?

    Just got to Bullfrog last night. Feels cold and possibly wet today. Sunday/Monday look like good days on the forecast.
  13. BartsPlace

    Lake Powell Boating in May

    Nope, feel free to take a stab at one. There is, however, a "Search" button at the top of every page. :)
  14. BartsPlace

    KSL: Utah "behind the times" and needs watchdog to guard interest in Colorado River, official says

  15. BartsPlace

    KSL: Outlook dismal for Utah water supply with snowpack at just 62 percent of normal

  16. BartsPlace

    Draining Powell

    We generally don't do rumors here. I'll leave this up for a bit to see if anyone can confirm. Otherwise, this thread will close. Thanks!
  17. BartsPlace

    Here Again !!

  18. BartsPlace

    Bullfrog Striper's 200+

    It'll be on their YouTube page eventually. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1nr5AZP3B4SFgowYQaXNRg
  19. BartsPlace

    First time fishing powell. I want to head down second half of feb first half of march. I am an avid fisherman with a boat.

    Keep an eye on the reports that are posted regularly in Angler's Corner. They're a good indicator of what is happening "now." As for general tips, take a look at Wayne's Fishing Tips and the Lake Powell Fishing areas. I don't think there's a bad time to be on the lake. Good luck!
  20. BartsPlace

    Interesting read on tamarisk

    I wish! There was great content there. We were able to retrieve articles, but forum contents were destroyed by some sort of hacker/virus before the remains were passed along to me. Sorry... Occasionally, you can find bits and pieces in the "way back" machine...