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    KSL: 55 Citations issues for quagga mussel violations over holiday weekend
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    Entrance fees and such

    Sounds like you're on top of it. The Annual Pass is cheaper than two trips (which still surprises me). Depending on where you plan to stay, there may be camping fees (if you camp).
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    Possible Utah shut down?

    Looks like we've reached the end of this off-topic discussion.
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    No Power on the BF Slips

    Yep! Exact same service. I've been receiving texts about this outage since Friday at 5:27pm.
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    Emergency Marine Radio

    There are many threads on this topic here. The "Search" feature is your friend. A short answer is that 16 is monitored by NPS. That is the only channel you need to know for a true emergency.
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    KSL: Talks begin on dwindling Colorado River
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    Pictures at “full pool”

    As a kid - not understanding that lake levels weren't static - I remember thinking how crazy it was to have built the marina store on lower ground than the water level. I had to take stairs DOWN to the store from the dock. :ROFLMAO:
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    Hi everybody. New to the site

    Welcome aboard!
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    Soliciting Ideas for recovery of boat to trailer

    If you find a 12-step program for that, please drag me along (literally) to your first meeting!
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    Planning a summer week on Powell

    About 95 miles once you refuel at Dangling Rope.
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    tipping the HB pilot - $$$

    Absolutely, there's no real upper limit as long as the service warrants the gesture! :)
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    tipping the HB pilot - $$$

    I hesitate to post this because every situation is unique, but here goes... I've long felt that $5 was better than nothing, and very often $10 is more appropriate. However, right or wrong, better or worse, I've kinda turned into a $20 tipper on Lake Powell (for things that take time, energy...
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    Anchor alternative?

    There are several good resources online - even here on WW. The Search button is your friend. :) Here are a couple -
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    KSL: West Jordan man drowns while trying to save friend at Lake Powell
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    Welcome aboard! You may want to post your questions in the Lake Powell Recreation forum. It gets more boating-related traffic.
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    KSL: Missing Arizona man presumed drowned at Lake Powell

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    KSL: Missing Arizona man presumed drowned at Lake Powell
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    Houseboat insurance

    There have been a few discussions recently about this. The search feature at the top of the page should help you find them.
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    North Lake Powell

    YouTube is your friend here.
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    Dry Ice

    This is essential.